Meet Ms. Pape

Grand Teton National Park

     I am so excited for our school year together. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I love teaching at Breck school. I've been teaching at Breck since 1990. That's in someways hard to believe, but in other ways it seems so natural. 
     I grew up in Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University.  Go Spartans! I have lived here in Minnesota since then and received my Masters Degree from the University of Minnesota.  Go Gophers!  I love teaching at Breck for many reasons, but I think the main one is that everyone here loves learning!  From the minute you walk in the door, you can feel the excitement of a community gathering to learn and have fun together. It is wonderful to teach in a school that goes from Preschool to 12th grade. I often see former students in the halls, and many stop by my classroom to visit. It is such a joy to see them walk proudly into the chapel on graduation day.  
     In 2010, I was given an incredible opportunity. I was granted a full year sabbatical to continue my learning during the school year, but on a journey outside the walls of Breck School!  The purpose of my sabbatical was to explore the national parks of the United States. My secondary purpose was to connect with the fourth graders back at Breck from the national parks I was visiting.  Here is a quick example of this connection from Arches National Park.  

     My ultimate goal was to integrate the study of our national parks into our study of the regions of the U.S.  I made it to 18 national parks in my sabbatical year.  I love sharing my adventures with the students and hope to inspire them and their families to explore and support our national parks. The picture at the top of this profile was taken at Grand Teton National Park.  I believe it exemplifies my belief that you can continue to learn, explore, and challenge yourself throughout your life. 
     I love teaching fourth grade.  The curriculum is exciting and fourth graders are eager to learn. With the growth of technology in teaching and learning, there are so many new and exciting ways to learn. We are fortunate to have the 1:1 laptop program in fourth grade and I am excited to teach my students how to use this amazing learning tool to expand their knowledge, connect to the world outside of Breck, share their projects in an exciting way and become contributors not just consumers of knowledge. 

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